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Making the celebration of commitment to each other into a joke pretty much negates the the whole point of the ritual. Not that I'm terribly surprised - the anti-religious tends to also be anti (the traditional) family too, in effect, if not explicitly.

Got to take issue with you there on two counts. I got married in church because it looked pretty in photographs. And that's it, pretty well. Neither my wife or myself are even vaguely religious and the important thing was the public declaration of commitment. It would have been functionally the same thing even if we'd got married on jetskis in Spongebob costumes. Now the church also pleased some of the more ossified of the elderly relatives as a side-effect; but that was for them and not us.

And how, exactly do you justify bollocks like: the anti-religious tends to also be anti (the traditional) family too? I am not at all religious and am doing just fine as a participant in a perfectly normal nuclear family. In return, I give you monks; nuns; celibate priests (*cough*); harems; ISIS's sex-slaves and so on. A 'traditional' family unit is the perfect defensive position for the individuals and children in a style that society as a whole can easily cope has fuck-all to do with religion. And how does religion help out? Banning contraception; forcing people who have been raped to bear those children; making abortions as difficult as possible; censoring/banning sex education; arranged/child marriages; honour killings; 'abstinence' drives (to teenagers FFS!)...the list goes on. In other words, religion consistently and uniformly removes choices and sows disinformation when -if you really want a better society- you educate the shit out of people and let them choose the time and circumstances so they can build the strongest possible family unit at at time that feels right for them.

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