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You don't want to know anything...

My view would be that "Flash" is obviously green. I did email work in the accounting end of the entertainment industry( not adult entertainment, but entertainment by and for adults). The mix of a lot of money, perceived "power" and a whole lot of very attractive people in the office (excepting my IT crew) meant there was a lot of pelvis bumping happening both intra-office and with just about any other human with a heartbeat. As a result, and we seemed to get sued regularly, and fairly often. Other things like malfeasance and other bean counter foibles meant we did quite a bit of suing in our own right as well.

As a result, about every month I would get called into the Big Boss's office, our counsel would be in there, and the ominous words "Shut the door behind you" would begin the conversation....followed up with "We need every e-mail to, from or about so and so..."

Counsel specifically did NOT want me scanning for content...because, if we had to litigate, she much preferred for my testimony to be limited to how the evidence was obtained. We would hand off the data, unfiltered and completely to her e-Discovery team and THEY would do the snooping.

This was very workable all the way around. Initially in one of the the Big Boss did want to use the IT org to do the e-Discovery to save the money. Counsel shot that down that if we ended in court the other side would wrap me around the axle on methodologies I had used in the e-Discovery process. I then piled on with my ethical objections that counsel agreed with.

The conversation ended with big boss getting a mini lecture from counsel that my position of "Don't read things not intended for you" was proper and defensible, and that since I did not have the legal training to discern the difference between "Malfeasance" and "Just being a dick" I should stick to that policy,

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