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Defence in depth: Don't let your firm's security become a boondoggle


"More seriously - Rumsfeld got stick for his "known knowns" thing (wasn't that a NASA thing originally?)"

Rummy got stick from me for that speech simply because it was flannel wrapped up in bafflegab. He could have summarised 20 minutes of bollocks by simply saying "We don't know", so he got a big thumbs down from me for talking shite in an attempt to obscure the fact all his arguments had no logic or basis in fact whatsoever. Worse still, Rummy was waffling, excusing, bullshitting and lying while people (them and "us") were dying as a direct result. Rummy has earned as much scorn as Nixon sabotaging the LBJ-VC peace talks from my POV, I accept that others may differ in their assessment.

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