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"The first rule of email admin is that you don't read the content unless it's addressed to you."

Best comment, so far. Have an upvote and a story from me. Anon, because.

In this international company, the french branch of HR was the most perverse lot of fuckwits, and they, on some sites, would routinely come to the local mail admin to ask for access to staff mailboxes, on the ground of "wrongdoing" (that would never be explained). Nothing written, all verbal insinstant requests.

Of course, the goal was to pressure people into leaving, for whatever reason. So much convenient than firing them (french contracts).

As the corporate guy in charge of email in the whole company, I got so fed up to hear that mail admins were routinely complying with the requests that I sent all of them an email dismissing those requests as unethical, and illegal (they are in France) and urging the guys to ask for a written request.

At the time, I got a lot of flack, from the mgr of one of the guys because my email had a bit savaged his little trade with HR.

However, years after, when I had to investigate through the mailbox of the CEO of the company (this was serious stuff, with layers etc ...), the request came in all proper and written by the right VP.

Ethics, unlike morals, always win out people's respect.

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