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Ethical dilemma?

Where's the ethical dilemma then? Married or not makes no difference. Using company email for private purposes is nothing. It's a bit iffy though that he reads emails not meant for him. Those emails should bounce as they are required to do, so the sender updates their email details. He should stop trying to fix up those cases when there's a well defined protocol for it.

Perhaps she would have become the love of his life? But he was spurned when she didn't answer his email!

Humans are biologically programmed to want sex and fall in love. And seriously do you think married men and women don't fall in love/lust??

I remember I used to go to conferences with this woman, a smart beautiful woman, who was in a relationship. I was crazy about her anyway.

There would always be an icebreaker at these things, and people would hook up.

One time she mentioned she'd be going to the Manchester thing, and her boyfriend wouldn't be going. I got my hopes up high. At the icebreaker, I hit on her all night, made a total ass of myself. At the end of the night most people had gone to bed, just me, her and the organizer, a notorious womanizer, were left. He'd obviously struck out that night since he was alone. I was determined not to strike out.

I saw the room allocations, he was on floor 3, me on floor 4, her on floor 5. We went to the lift together.

So he will get out on floor 3, and I would have 1 floor, 1 last chance to get her. What would I say? How would I convince her to come to my room? If I failed, I'd be too embarrassed to look her in the eye again, I'd burned all my bridges. Would I even have the nerve to say it?

So what did I say?

Well the lift opened at floor 3, and she and the organizer got out of the lift and headed to his room.


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