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Might 'endanger Physical Safety'

@"Courts can, and do, pick holes in the argument "

And the next warrant wouldn't have that hole. Really they refine the data and narrative they provide to obtain the warrant, and no counter data is provided to contradict any of it.

And 2705(b)(1) is such a loophole.... it's easy to phrase the request so that no judge will refuse it.

"oh target is a known violent person, we don't want to tell the target of the warrant because it might endanger life or physical safety of witnesses". You can safely assume Microsoft sees a lot of abuse of this clause. They should be allowed to reveal that abuse so its kept in check. Even if its to strip the name from the warrant.

There should be no 'secret police' in a democracy. No policemen writing their own warrant approvals, targeting people who never get to see or challenge those warrants... no RIPA, no funny interpretations of old laws concealed from the voters and their elected representatives by a law breaking Executive Branch.

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