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5 eyes = crossed eyed

Is that a joke? It wouldn't be smart putting all your data into Australia, one of the 5 eyes countries, with a warrantless mass surveillance law on its books already:

Their Snoopers charter law is so bad in Australia that even the Food Safety board can get warrantless access to Australians internet data. In secret of course, they don't need to hand over a warrant first. A warrant might face a legal challenge, they can get the data, and provide a warrant *after* as an optional extra if they want to prosecute. Thus avoiding any nasty legal challenges or inspection of their purpose.

Australia could grab all your data, without a warrant, without even a warrant at the door, so no judge has confirmed they have reasonable suspicion. The cloud provider getting searched has no challenge to that warrant (because no warrant is issued), so they have to hand over the data. The customer of that cloud provider doesn't get a chance to challenge it and likely will never be informed.

So man it would be stupid to put your data into that mess.

When a government under foreign surveillance and thus under foreign influence, turns surveillance against its own people, you can pretty much forget any process and law. You have a leadership that will obey its masters. Its masters are not the voters, its the people holding their Panama Papers.... their nasty secret they don't want revealed. That is what's happening in the 5 eyes countries. Watch Cameron stay on 'Snoopers Charter' message now that he's had a Panama Papers warning shot across his bow.

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