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Datacentre - or Broom closet?

The more I read about the Misco outage the more I wonder just what "Datacentre" means in their case.

Picture a standard bit-barn - usually a prefab building the size of a soccer field:

you walk in the front door , and (if it's any decent bit-barn) you have to go through various physical security checks.

Having passed them, you go through the security gate / airlock into the data-floor, which may be divided into separate halls, or for our purposes is just a single massive area.

Off in the distance, in the middle of an otherwise bare floor, stands a single 42U rack, and as we get closer, we can see that it's partially populated.

Close up, we see a firewall, a switch, a few ethernet cables and a 2U server with "Web1" written across the lid in marker pen, under the dust. On the floor of the rack is a box of floppies, marked "backup".

That's it ladies and gents, there's Misco's robust e-commerce front-end...


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