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So are you guys the actual people who buy the storage? Do you say in your RFPs I want X TB of storage? Don't worry about what protection level - we'll decide that and we'll take the hit of capacity loss.

I'm genuinely interested because every RFP I've answered (and there have been many) has clearly, or not so clearly stated usable, binary TB. I've also seen plenty of cases where the salesman has sold decimal, the customer has set it up, found they're many TB down on what they thought they were buying, and the vendor has had to throw in a bunch of free storage.

Some systems give you RAID 6 protection and others demand mirroring. Is it fair to compare raw capacities between those? Of course, there are plenty which give you options, but does anyone actually presume RAID6 when purchasing then decide to go RAID10 without having to buy extra?

By the way, K, M etc are SI prefixes. They are everything to do with SI units. Without SI units there would be no SI prefixes.

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