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You're free to see it as you wish. The experience differs though.

Firstly, as I stated the quality/throughput combination increased. We do not spend our time chatting; we actually code. At the same time the combination specifically reduces lousy outcomes by eliminating sloppy solo hacks, stopping untested 'fixes' and ensuring that all developers are quality gate-keepers as a matter of course.

Secondly, the junior does *not* have as much influence. They have the equal right to an opinion and sometimes prevail through specific domain knowledge. Usually, however, the more experienced developers overrule.

Thirdly, the 'juniors' don't stay junior (in ability) for long as they are continuously exposed not just to more experienced developer's code but, via discussion, the actual thought processes behind choices made. That is invaluable and leads to rapid quality parity.

Fourthly, infinite scrums? Where do you get that from? As we work together virtually all the time (occasionally a pair will break off to complete a parallel task), the need for any kind of process-type meeting is virtually eliminated. We still do a daily stand-up so we can include UI/UX guys and customers, but they are invariably short.

I agree with you to the extent that I, too, thought the idea ridiculous. I hated peer reviews and was against pairing let alone mobbing.

Then I tried it.

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