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Floppy discs will never replace mylar

For those who don't remember, or perhaps never knew, mylar tape was the industrial/military version of paper tape. Although it wears each time it's read - it starts to look a little frayed after about 1000 passes through a tape reader, it's long term storage potential is pretty good. (Left over from the late 60s, in the back of a drawer, I've still got about 20 yards of mylar tape which shows no signs of degenerating.)

As I recall, a full reel (about 9 inches diameter) typically held 100K bytes. So an exabyte of data on mylar tape would require a mere 3,995,417 Olympic size swimming pools to store it.

Incidentally, for those worried about data retrieval time, a high speed tape reader could whistle through a full reel in just over three minutes. So the 1E byte of data stored on mylar could have been read completely over 217 times since the Big Bang.

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