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Oh, alright then:

C: Every time you make love to your girlfriend your penis points in a different direction but you don't notice until, one day, it points up your own arse.

C++: Because she's cool with it, you get to make love to both your girlfriend and her cousin. Unfortunately they both learned their love-making technique from their uncle and you end sporting an anus like the Japanese national flag.

VB: You proudly unveil your erection before your girlfriend. She says "It looks like you want to wee. Would you like help with weeing?"

ActiveX: Some bastard keeps making love to your girlfriend but you can never catch the fucker at it and don't know how to make him stop."

SQL: You want to make love to your girlfriend but, unfortunately, only one couple is allowed to make love at a time and you have to wait for the whole street to finish first. Afterwards you pretend it never happened and she pretends she was never committed anyway."

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