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Agreeing (but quietly)

The first question I teasingly ask new parents after a couple months is "introvert or extravert?" Often they don't even know what I'm asking. Explaining, it hopefully gets them to think about their treasure as a distinct personality that might differ from their own tendencies.

I sorely miss the opportunities to watch over someone's shoulder as they tackle something they are currently having problems with. Very often, while exploring their difficulty and helping them, I am rewarded with seeing a useful technique or hearing an eye-opening tidbit I've not encountered before. We both get a reward!

But as an introvert I can't mosh with everyone/anyone more than a couple hours a week. I do need the space, the distance, and the quiet, to work. (After hours is when I can relax, yes?) If this becomes labeled antisocial then that will be 'extreme' programming.

Not yet experiencing it full-on, I can still see how useful it might be, in metered measures. After all, command sequence 'xp' is shorthand in Vim for swapping adjacent characters, a very useful trick. Swapping seats working through a conundrum has to help shake out new directions...

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