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Senator Wyden recalls SOPA fight in bid to defeat encryption-weakening efforts

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As for those who buy the line that "if you've done nothing" and you "don't care if the government is listening in to your Amazon Echo," he recalled the era of J Edgar Hoover and his wide-ranging surveillance of groups he deemed unsuitable. "I wonder what political and social movements we might never have heard of if J Edgar Hoover had access to all the technology available today," he noted.

Fucking BINGO. The idea that "if you've done nothing wrong you'll be left alone" is at best naieve. More honestly it is a purposeful ignorance of reality by those whose overwhelming self interest and sociocultural myopia ensures they actively prevent themselves from caring about the plight of those not exactly like them.

It is simply not okay to believe "if you've done nothing wrong you'll be left alone". It is morally wrong, as it implies a carefully curated apathy and ignorance that harms society as a whole.

We need everyone on the line fighting this fight; each of us standing up for eachother is one ten millionth as powerful as a single one of those who seek to tear down the presumption of innocence and remove our civil liberties. It takes all of us to stand up to those in power. There is no room for apathy or willful ignorance anymore.

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