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" Not because it's an evil conspiracy, but because it doesn't contain a demos. There is no homogenous electorate, and so even if the European Parliament did have proper power, it still wouldn't work that well."

Even worse. Since the UK vote in the '70s all the treaty revisions have gone through virtually on the nod. Hardly any country has been given the chance to hold a referendum on what were, in fact, constitutional changes. And what happened when Ireland was given a chance to vote on the Lisbon treaty was hardly a ringing endorsement on the role of democracy in the EU. Referenda should have been held to endorse or otherwise the treaty revisions. The new treaties might have been different if the negotiators had been aware that they'd have had to face their electorates.

On the whole I'm in favour of staying in the EU but it has built up a huge democratic deficit over the years and I wouldn't be surprised if "leave" were to win.

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