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Kudos to the originator for an interesting discussion topic, and to Sebastian--us skeptics need to stick together. .

Two quotes come to mind: The first is from Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians. "Everything is permissible for me; but not all things are helpful."

The second was a Navy admiral's response to a sales pitch for newer technology: "S--t son, we don't know how to use the technology we've already got."

Forty years ago, my work gave me a chance to see some remarkable--and economically practical--3D display capabilities demonstrated. For one reason or another, they never caught on.

The devil is in the details. Human visual perception and cognition have been evolving to deal with the physical world for hundreds of thousands of years. We have not yet begun to scratch the surface on how the human intellect deals with the ever-increasing stimulation and information flow we have to deal with.

My observation at this point is not very well..

From an engineering standpoint, our understanding of the internal physiological and psychological mechanisms is still pretty primitive. VR designs, of necessity, reflect the designer's assumptions based on those understandings.

Add to this the fact that our understanding of the economics of the market is no better shape, and uncertainty abounds. But it is fascinating stuff.

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