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"No, a leave vote means the Westminster elite oxbridge-party researcher-MP and their big corporate sponsors get to chose. In the event of a "leave" vote, I expect the degree to which an ordinary voter will get to influence the laws will change from bugger all to sweet F-A."

Who you vote for. As UKIP proved, you dont need to vote for the same old same old. And you can do this with any party standing! Of course if you vote for the same as before that is what you get. To vote for what we get and then cry about it is amusing but only in its madness. I never understand people who make this complaint.

However your statement rings true for staying in the EU. We wont get a choice (its been this hard to get this vote!) and our vote truly is worthless.

If your argument is that we have no say over our laws then you are arguing against the EU. Because as little as you claim we have over our gov we have even less over the EU.

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