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"Are you sure? I'm certainly not. I am yet to hear a coherent statement about what a "leave" vote means."

A leave vote means we get to choose. Our own leadership, our own laws, our own choices. How do you describe freedom? How do you describe choice, especially to people who have forgotten what it is. The coherent statement is that we are free to run our own country.

However I point out that there is no coherent statement of what 'remain' means. The EU is failing badly (only the fanatics ignore this fact) and so needs to change to survive. Leaping crisis to crisis is not sustainable so hopefully the EU will fix its fledgeling problems. But also there is further politically desired change of 'ever closer union' which seems to suggest some sort of United States of Europe (or even the EUSSR as Germany fears and wants our vote to oppose). There is a serious political problem too where countries are ignoring the EU rules and doing as they please, as well as concerning deals of bringing Turkey into the EU.

If the EU stays as it is it will fail. It needs to change to survive. What those changes will be nobody knows because the desired changes of the politicians are not acceptable to the populations who are considerably turning to anti-EU parties.

It has been a hard fight for the UK to finally get to vote on this after promises from both labour and tory for a referendum if they get in (and both lied). And of course the gov is backing the remain campaign while we are told of ever increasing numbers of losses in jobs and money if we give the wrong answer. But the doom and gloom stories were also spouted for not joining the Euro and look at what luck that was to avoid.

The only certainty of being in or out is change. The question is should we be able to vote for our direction or not.

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