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The same data consistency issues faced by any single controller networked disk storage solution. There are two methods possible, either confirm the write when one controller has the data for low latency but at the risk of data consistency problems, or confirm the write when two controllers have the write which gives worse latency/speed than traditional SAN but does do proper data consistency. There is a lot of stuff in traditional SAN to ensure you don't lose or corrupt data, and SDS addresses very few of these things and worse hides others from the admin. This isn't a Nutanix issue it's pretty much all the converged solutions because they all rely on SDS.

In order to mitigate some of this, you can put in expensive networking and higher powered hosts. You've already bought far more disk than traditional SAN would need due to the network RAID requirement, so overall you end up buying more hardware than you would have with traditional solutions.

Converged works well for VDI - here you don't give a monkeys about consistency of data and you need standard building blocks with known resources. For everything else, normal hardware is still better overall and nobody outside marketing would believe otherwise if they actually a) knew the subject and b) took the time to investigate pricing and c) took the time to discover how the whizbang solution works.

For the record, I have not encountered inconsistencies - because I understand how the solution works, so I'd never put anything important on it without a good reason. Your experience is pretty normal, everything looks fabulous until it isn't. You clearly have yet to hit a problem scenario such as power loss or other sudden host failure and I hope you never do because at this stage I assume it's too late to put something in which will protect your data. In the mean time, buy a really big UPS and configure it properly and that will protect you a little.

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