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Brexit: Leaving the EU could trigger UK science patent law rejig

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Big Pharma is a subset of biological sciences, which itself is a subset of science. Drug development is really science industrialised on a large scale, so the companies involved are necessarily large, in order to be able to make the gamble involved in developing new drugs (most of which never make it to market and if they do may or may not recoup their development costs). However, to ignore the other 99% of things that come under the umbrella term of science, and all the medical research done by universities and charities does them a great disservice.

This article seems to imply that 'science' means big corporations like GSK and AstraZeneca. To most research scientists, however, these companies represent business, not science. To present the impact to these companies of a possible 'Brexit' as the impact on science is misleading at best.

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