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Basically, instead of having feature rich specialist equipment such as a SAN which are designed for the task and which offer high performance and data protection they allow you to use "off the shelf" server hardware (usually still proprietary vendor stuff like HP or Dell) to create a system which is just about good enough for the task but doesn't need specialist knowledge to configure. This often leads to data consistency problems which are never identified because of this lack of specialist knowledge.

Ironically, this is the same issue as shadow IT - people who don't know better are being sold rainbows and unicorns with a marketing campaign which essentially pretends this tech is cheaper, better and easier than what they have now. Even a cursory examination will show that it's not cheaper or close to cheaper, it's not removing vendor lock in, it's not actually faster if you value your data, and it's not easier in any but the most simple cases.

All that said, the figures would suggest there are plenty of "IT Pros" looking for exactly this technology so good on Nutanix for meeting a "need".

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