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"If you're thinking of repairs, please turn your attention to the battery pack. Never take your eyes off the battery pack. Battery pack. It's a 'Lifed' item. Clock is ticking."

Yes - it has a life - so do all the components in an internal combustion engine.

The battery was originally quoted as a 10 year predicted life. Since they have had a few being driven around that has now been revised Upwards as a result of the telemetry data. It's now 12 years.

Oh and that's when they have 80% charge capacity, so they are then useful in all sorts of other applications - probably static, and then they can be recycled into new batteries.

My car has just died, it was 11 years old - The engine is dodgy, the gearbox is a bit wonky, the brake lines are corroded - it's had various mechanical failures....

But a 10-12 year battery life doesn't seem so limited any more.

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