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KO: "25kwh battery for a Nissan Leaf has dropped from $18000 to $5400 in the last 5 years..."

A recent news item was about GM accidentally leaking their "I give you special price" from LG Chem of $145/kwh. The usual list price is $100 more per kwh. This leak makes LG Chem's life very difficult.

25 x $145 is $3,625, so $5,400 is only a tight 33% markup from wholesale cells to retail battery pack. They're obviously more or less giving it away at near-zero profit. Which is very nice of them.

$5400 for a battery pack is quite reasonable. Good on Nissan.

Still leaves Tesla 90 kwh pack at $20,000 by comparison (ratio only).

Has the Leaf Battery Lease pricing been similarly adjusted? Last time I checked, six months ago, it was nearly $200 per month, just to lease the battery pack. The lease price should be $50 now.

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