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Tesla books over $8bn in overnight sales claims Elon Musk


I read a lot...

... and have read a lot in the past about how Mr Musk can't what he's said (at that time) he's trying to do, or is going to do.

I don't want to open any 'let's make a list' thing of how many times he hasn't delivered, as opposed to how many times he has - I have no idea what the numbers would be on either side of that ledger. However, I do want to say to say I'm glad there are people in the world trying to do things others say can't be done, and trying, like, really, really hard. And accepting the risk of not succeeding. I have no issues with those who choose to try to do things 'everybody knows' can be done - but do them better. But I have to admire the wonderful insanity of those who try other things - 'impossible' things - whether they succeed or not.

Of course, I'm an Idiot... (blush).

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