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Err. I regularly drive a Model S to our bolthole in Padstow, Cornwall. Very conveniently there are Supercharger stations placed at almost exactly the right points on both the outgoing and return journeys - M4/M5 near Bristol for if you want to hurtle down the motorway burning the battery and several in Exeter for if you want to take it slower. On the return journey there are chargers at M4 in Reading or there are also Supercharger points near Andover if you want to go via the A303 route. A 15 minute break (now down to 10 minutes I gather) gives one time for a coffee and charges the battery with around 150 miles ranges - all free of charge and a lot more pleasant atmosphere than the usual motorway services.

Oh, and just as an FYI, I have done London to Padstow without the need to use the top up. Made it with every alarm going and less than 10 miles power left.

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