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Have an upvote, but I rent as well, and my landlord was A-OK with me paying for improvements to his property. In fact, he sent maintenance up to drill the holes in the wall for me as I didn't have the tools for it. I think it cost $80, mostly for the in-wall cabling.

As for devices, near everything is Cat5E or Cat6, but a few older/crappier devices (read: cheap Android phones, game consoles, etc.) are 2.4GHz only. 5GHz is decent enough everywhere in the apt that I have a broadcast 5GHz network that I tell everyone how to use, and a non-broadcast 2.4GHz network for the peons (read: the aforementioned crap equipment). I'd rate-limit them, but they're suffering enough already.

What do you guys use at home? I've got a Dell 6224 switch, Ubiquiti ERL router, and am looking to upgrade my Ubiquiti AP to something AC-capable (considering Ubiquiti and IgniteNet for that).

FWIW, I do use my laptop wirelessly unless I'm specifically going to be transferring large amounts of data. I mostly avoid even that, though, by running most such apps on servers anyway, which are naturally all hard-wired.

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