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I don't think I have a single port on a wall or in a floor that's not fully patched in or hasn't been every day since it's install.

What's the point of putting them in if you don't have the switch port the other end, and if you're that full up that you're fully occupying EVERY switch then you're slagging the backbone and backend capacity of your switches anyway, which is far from ideal.

Honestly, run doubles to everything, and patch them in at purchase. If you want to disable them, do it in the switch management. Because the day you want that port back and you have to cable-chase, you'll have to buy the switch anyway. And that will be an unbudgeted shock dependency on some other project that never realised it would need it.

Double-wall socket.




Then you have some wiggle-room when it comes to spares, failovers, new devices (everything is PoE nowadays), bandwidth, etc. and the backend bandwidth to support it all.

Hell, just PoE phone deployment should teach you this. And if not, then the existence of things like LACP, so you can cable all those spare ports in the IT office to add yet-another-Gb to your server's capacity.

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