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The bottle neck is further up the chain

utter Tosh,

they both have a place in the modern world, especially as a backup when the primary and secondary wan links get stuffed by the ISP.

1) no one sits there and hammers their port at 1Gb/s all day long

2) the switch uplinks are the contention point for sites with local servers. who has more than a pair of 1 Gb uplinks from their access switches?

3) if your core servers are plumbed in at 10Gb/s and you have 100 users at 1Gb/s where is the contention now?

4) your 1Gb/s wired connection is pointless if you've got less than (total users x 1Gb/s) WAN link if all your servers are off site.

5) the bottle neck is either the switch uplink, server uplink or WAN link, fast wifi with lots of users on does not change this

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