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No good. Token ring only works if the connections are highly directional (thus the "ring" in Token Ring). The big thing with wireless (and this is a physical thing) is that radio is naturally omnidirectional; it tends to braodcast in all directions. It's like a common lightbulb in that sense. Or even a candle. You get the same problem when you happen to stand in a zone of radio crosstalk where two stations from two different areas both use the same frequency and happen to (usually unintentionally) get as far as you.

And for a mobile device like a tablet or phone, you NEED this omnidirectionality since you cannot rely on the device to have a specific orientation all the time. That's why we use radio instead of infrared. Yes, you can use light and lasers to transmit data, but they can only work in fixed settings where the endpoints are known and aimed carefully.

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