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What is a cloud strategy ? vmware is more of a technology company, providing technology that can and does power several private and some public clouds. Do people think they should change and become a public cloud provider / service provider ? I think they thought about it but in general it sounds like a bad idea (HP tried it, Dell thought about it, IBM is fussing about trying it, etc).

For me I suppose as a SMB (~$300M/year in SaaS revenue give or take) all I really care about is the hypervisor (5.5U2 is what I am on, maybe 1 or 2 years until I consider trying 6).

Don't care about SDN, VSAN, NSX, not sure what VCAC is, but probably something else I don't care about. You can google "techopsguys sdn" and see the first result for my in depth ripping apart of the SDN hype from a couple of years ago. I'm sure it's great for service providers, but not everyone needs it.

vSphere's last big release that I got excited about was 4.0 (mainly for 64 bit support). Every release since has been ok, but no rush to adopt. The only reason I jumped from 4.1 to 5.5 was 4.1 no longer had support. It was doing everything I needed at the time, and I had no bugs or problems with the product.

(Another reason is newer hardware support). I held out a long time on 4.1 because of the vRAM tax stuff that happened early on with 5.x.

From a hypervisor perspective at least compare "what's new" in 4.0 to any newer version and 4.0 seems to dwarf the newer versions every time (last I checked anyway)

5.5U2 works fine(I had some issues with VMs hanging on 5.5U1 I think it was but that went away on it's own), I read of issues on 5.5U3 so had held off on upgrading to that, but probably will at some point I am sure. If only my HP DL380Gen9 systems could reboot in less than 1-2 hours and reboot on the first try I would be more inclined perhaps to patch sooner (

I love vSphere don't get me wrong, it is a very solid piece of code in my experience, vmware quality in general has been very high which keeps me a loyal customer.

I think part of that quality is because I don't leverage close to all of the abilities of the platform, things that seem to have a history of being more buggy (I don't use them because they are more buggy I don't use them because I don't need them).

It literally took about 7 years until I saw my first Purple Screen of Death on vSphere (hardware failure).

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