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workstation has been a pretty mature product for a decade or more. The only reason for upgrades for me is so it works on newer guest and host OSs, which doesn't seem to be that much work.

I keep an archive of most of my vmware workstation versions just to see how it's grown over time, my oldest one:

9.3M Nov 4 2001 VMwareWorkstation-3.0.0-1455.tar.gz

and before that I guess it wasn't called workstation yet

5.9M Jan 12 2001 VMware-2.0.3-799.tar.gz

The latest version of workstation 12 pro for linux is 355MB (build 3,272,444)

more than 3.2 million builds of workstation between 2.0.3 and 12 pro.

The only reason I upgraded to 12 pro from 10 was it was a good sale, black friday I think it was(saw the link to it on el reg).

(vmware customer since 1999, though I seem to have misplaced my vmware 1.0.2 for linux CD at this point, makes me want to go look for it again now...)

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