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VMware flushes Adobe Flash in new HTML 5 web client for vSphere

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"The decision to go with Flash was made years ago, before HTML5 and developer tools were ready. "

Nonsense. We were all baffled a couple of years ago when they decided Flash was the future. At the time they made this move every other company and individual in the industry was dropping flash. VMware are so far from having their finger on the pulse it's sad. Almost as sad as the way they keep trying to push pointless products on their loyal customers. No, we don't need or want NSX/VSAN/VCAC, just the hypervisor will do fine. Version 3 was fine. Everything since then has been an effort to justify an unsustainable price and "growth" in the company. This is leading inevitably to VMware imploding and disappearing in the next few years since they lack a strategy for the public cloud era. Even the bookshop has a strategy for that!!

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