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You've got completely the wrong end of the stick. Pinboard doesn't rely on IFTTT as any kind of framework (and if you've read any of his stuff, you'll know that he dislikes frameworks in general, and certainly not ones by companies whose only business plan is to get bought by Google or Facebook). So your complaints about scaffolding, Plan B etc, while true in general, don't apply here. Pinboard is a profitable site that doesn't depend on IFTTT in any way.

Pinboard has an API (for browser extensions etc to use) and IFTTT has / had a public API. Someone at IFTTT linked the two together. Now IFTTT are changing their API and want Pinboard to do their work for them and link the two back together again. And, at the same time, it looks like they're trying to make a land-grab for all of Pinboard's data in the process.

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