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In my case, even the ones I "supposedly wrote" can be found in "The Art of Computer Programming" [Knuth] or the literature since. I pretty much wrap it all in validation code and off I go to the next piece. I've had to create whopping two original algorithms in my life to date. I even comment in the code as to where I got something and why I'm using that particular code. To me, that's just being [1] honest and [2] letting the maintainers have a heads up if some future "better technique" should come along and where to fix it.

I'm an engineer which means I build things with the tools and components that Computer Scientists have developed to date. Ain't any different than my approach to nuclear, or any other field of, engineering. Yeah, I really can do the theory end of things (extremely well in truth) but that is not how I want to spend my time, thank you very much.

Given how development is done these days, I'm actually surprised there wasn't truthfully much more breakage. Dreamweaver (a tool I used to beta regularly for Macromedia way back when) was a leading indicator of where web coding was headed.

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