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"They just bolt together a load of packages built by someone else and hope it works."

'round here we call them Lego Coders. Like most three year olds, they recognise the pretty coloured blocks and can make them fit together in some random, occasionally useful, way.

just press the big magic button and the internet unicorns will set everything up for you. It doesn't matter that you haven't a clue what's going on and have now idea how any of it works [or what to do when it doesn't]

And this brings us back to the old SF story referenced in another article's comment section the other day, E. M, Forsters 1909 short story "The Machine Stops, or for those who prefer not to read, the BBC Out Of The Unknown episodes, a 100+year old story of how tech developers don't know how their tech works and can't fix it when it breaks.

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