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Looks like everyone is being a dick

Well, from reading the email exchanges made public and so on, it looks like everyone involved is coming off as a dick.

Koçulu seems to be less than professional and not particularly polite in his responses. The Kik people seem to have opened by threats of legal action if they didnt get what they wanted. When they offered compensation, Koçulu asked for $30K, and there was no negotiation on either side.

It would have been easier for Kik to have opened with "we'd like to take over the name, because trademark, and offer $10k in compensation". Even paying the asked $30k would have been so much easier and amicable all round. And, Koçulu should have responded a bit more professionally to the initial contacts, and not throw his toys out of the pram so soon - though I doubt anyone could have predicted how much would break from his removing the code.

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