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Police create mega crime database to rule them all. Is your numberplate in it? Could be


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1) these databases get either hacked, or worse, sold.

Look at the oopsy-daisy wherein our NHS records in their entirety were passed to a trusted partner, unencrypted, on a USB stick. Parliament committee scolded the relevant tossers, but you can't get the shit back into the donkey.

Look also at the sale of DVLC records of your choice at £2.50 a pop - targeting posh car marques and fining them £100, mostly they just got the secretary to pay up. This was private data you were/are compelled to hand over.

2) cost of prosecution is our only defence against unworthy law

With costs involved, only the most serious laws get enforced, look at speeding for one instance, it used to be an occasional thing requiring active pursuit for 2/3 of a mile with lights flashing. Now it is easy to leave it permanently switched on. - Don't give me the "idiot tax" arguments, it is a minor transgression in most instances and not a great safety concern, statistically. Besides, first they came for the speeders..

Look at poll tax non-payment for another example, kangaroo courts prosecuting non-payers at 20 per hour. This made any legitimate rebellion, if there is such a thing in today's newspeak, impossible.

3) Finally, I would like the opportunity, as a responsible citizen, providing I do no intentional harm to others, the right to do whatever the fuck i like in private, with consenting adults of my choice. This may include unwise or immoral or simply depraved activities, not least of which might be the consumption of illicit substances.

How long before our self-appointed moral guardians work out that the casual drugs distribution chain shows up easily in this data, and can therefore be halted at very little cost?

For god's sake, we're human and have been doing this sort of thing since before the stone age.

Unlike the chinless cousin-fucking aliens that run our country.

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