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I was mulling this over the other day. You can tot up a person's role as an "assailant" quite readily, and this happens. But nowhere is it totalled up the person's "role" as a "victim".

I'm mentioning this because the ex-wife is a serial fruitcake - quite happy to wind people up, picking at their soft-spots which she has an uncanny and instinctive ability to identify and exploit, until they snap and lash out at which point she's straight on the phone to plod who cart off her "assailant".

The thought arose as I was driving out to the depths of the county where the new custody suite is many miles away from the old one after she had our teenage child arrested for the twentieth time. He apparently angrily grabbed at the coat she'd thrown at him in a fit of temper and the tails had whiplashed out causing the heavy bunch of keys in the pocket to swipe her across the face. Has he ever been arrested for assaulting anyone else? No. Have I ever been arrested for assaulting anyone else? No. Have any of her three boyfriends prior to me that I know of who assaulted her and the two afterwards in a similar position ever been arrested for assaulting anyone else? I've no idea about that one.

It seems to me that she'll use the police and the criminalisation of someone as a means of acquiring power over a significant male. I wish I'd realised that was how some people operate instead of believing naively that a relationship was a partnership instead of some kind of uneasy cold war balance of power.

Perhaps richer data will allow more slicing to identify patterns like this. But I expect the police (a) won't have time, (b) be limited by policy and (c) don't give a f***.

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