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1. Why is actual serious commercial software being written in a language where you have to include and external component just to left pad a string?

Because JavaScript is the only option if you want your application to run in a browser; and lots of people want that because it means applications that don't have to be installed on a client machine, so you don't need to distribute a version for every operating system and then hope the users can install it themselves. JavaScript, like every other language, doesn't have every possible feature, so you have to make it yourself.

2. Why is actual serious commercial software being written using components that are themselves written by unpaid bedroom coders and chancers who have no liability, no SLA etc.. Who are the idiot project managers who allow this?

Lots of serious commercial software uses open source software, the advantages to the project manager are cost and the ability to fix or tailor it yourself if you need to. Unless you've never written a significant commercial system, you've probably been doing this yourself, but you just didn't know.

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