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How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript

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Good for the guy that pulled it

I really hope this gets more attention.

Kik is that crappy messaging (yes another one) "app" (so already, program for phones). How the f*ck would you mix that up with a javascript package? The D&T teacher MAYBE might be fool enough to think "Whoa, the kick app", or some tool who pastes into a terminal and hopes, but no one of any significance!

I hope this gains more attention because things where "Oh you can't have the word scrolls", "nice letters there.... they're ours" shouldn't be a problem when there's no chance of mixup or they're in totally different areas.


Posted AC because I never know how you guys are gonna react. Volatile gits.

PS: I wish the NPM guys put up more of a fight.

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