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Anonymous Coward

Aaaaaand here we go again.

Night shift not available for iPhones that are not 64 bit so no dice on my 5 or the other half's 5C. Why would you need a 64 bit processor to change the screen colour? (thats rhetorical btw)

Here is a handy form for you to save time. Multiple selections may apply.

I am

[ ] annoyed

[ ] upset

[ ] pissed off

because this

[ ] upgrade

[ ] (new) feature

[ ] security patch

is not

[ ] installing

[ ] available

on my

[ ] ancient hardware

[ ] current device

[ ] new shiny

[ ] competitor's device

and I will thus

[ ] sulk

[ ] post messages (QED)

[ ] vow to never buy from them again

[ ] declare them spawn of Satan

[ ] call the users who don't have this problem/issue losers

[ ] all of the above.

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Thank you.

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