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First World problems anyone?

Wasn't sure whether to post, but I don't really see the point of this, unless it happens for all lighting, everywhere. LED house lights are bluer than the old filament jobbies (now no longer available in Australia because.. global warming or wotever, but available in trendy 'Edison bulbs', which apparently don't use extra power or kill the planet because trendy), most TVs have little or no adaptive output capabilities or are, like ours, switched off because the variation is too jarring.

Unless most people spend hours every night in darkened rooms staring at their mobiles, I don't see one very small adaptive device overcoming the Blue Meanies of all the other light sources.

Although I have to admit to never having had the problem. Since I was little, the act of lying in bed causes my body to say 'OK, sleepytime (although, with the awakening of interest is those of an opposite gender persuasion, it has been prepared to modify that to 'Oh all right then, but then straight to sleep, OK?'

I've never been able to read or watch TV in bed, because the bod takes over every time and dispatches me to Nod.

Reading the article, perhaps I should be grateful.

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