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Chambers tells India Cisco's got another US$100 million to spend

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"Chambers has previously said the tech sector in America has failed to explain to the public why H-1B visas are a good thing, leading to a perception that they're being abused to suppress local wages."

That's because that is exactly what H-1B visas do and one step worse. They create a type of labor pool that is really only one level above indentured servitude. Bring guys and gals over to the US, pay them sub standard rates and have complete control over where the go and who they work for, it's disgusting that we even let this type of scheme flourish.

If someone is talented enough to come to the US and fill a gap they should not be beholden to whomever sponsored them for a 10yr period of time. This just lets them treat them like complete crap and dictate everything about their lives.

Keep the visa period for 10 yrs, but make them owe the sponsor company 6 months, and after that period of time it's up to the company to keep the employee happy enough to stay just like every other american worker.

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