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Yes I saw your example. How about real time monitoring of those that need it. What would that require. What would the next communication app require in 5 years time.

"First it is a minimum of 25Mbps on FTTN and for most connections significantly faster."

Lol I didn't know the new min standard is to supply a 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day. During the 18Mth transition period that requirement is only 12Mbps for 1 sec a day. Looks almost like our current ADSL up to 24Mbps service doesn't it. Worst part is if your paying for 100Mbps and you still hit that 25Mbps for 1 sec in a day your connection is fine.

"Second the $8B is tax payer funds, whereas fibre on demand is your own hard cash"

First labor cap investment was $30B the current cap investment is now $29B. Rest of the fund coming from the private sector. So we are only saving $1B not going FTTP from taxpayer investment.

Second it's a loan not a budget item. So what your saying is the hospitals just now make a return for the government to pay back any money the govenment pays them.

Third if we use the SR $64B price tag which only $8B more than the mess we have now. To upgrade FTTN later if we use current rollout figures it's $16B. If we use the FOD price of $10K + it's $45B more.

"Actually it does matter because just about all the benefits touted by Labor as reasons for building the NBN were real-time, not volume of data downloaded. Video conferencing is a prime example of this."

First you claim in another conversation that speed doesn't matter now it does which is it.

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