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"Currently a small number 16%"

So if the % stays that would be around 1.6m users not really that is it.

"My position is the fast speeds should be available to everyone and if not then people should be expected to pay for their fast internet."

But fast isn't available to everyone. Why should some have to pay while others don't? HFC getting a free upgrade to 3.1 but users are not paying for that upgrade.

"The cost of internet services (like other utilities) should be primarily based on usage, not connection fees.".

Only works if you are supplying the same level of service to everyone. You get a water supply that you can only fill a cup of water an hour while you neighbor could run a washing mechine if they decided but only require to fill a cup of water which can be done in 15min instead of the hour for you. so your paying the same price with a different level of service. If you want to run a washing you have a very costly upgrade for that choice while your neighbor doesn't.

Lol is solid as one but it's still a plan higher than 100Mbps. But FTTN and HFC being unable to provide that same level of service.

"Your focus is on speed, whereas it should be on data. Both people are paying to access the same amount of data."

Hang on 78% using 25Mbps or less. So what you are claiming is we should go back to 56k because speed doesn't matter that way they can download as much data they want no need to $56B for an upto 25Mbps (1Mbps faster than ADSL2) when only $8B more for a 100Mbps service. Doesn't matter that it might take them a week which could be done in acouple of minutes.

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