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"GPON2.5 will support ~78Mbps with 32 users. If so much data was being downloaded, then NBNCo would be rolling in cash and the upgrade to GPON10 would be trivial to justify to the bean counters. "

But then it's also higher than that as only 26 get connected with 8 spare for other poodle upgrades.

Confusing speeds with data. The fact is someone would get what they want 4x faster than the current design of only up to 25Mbps.

"Continuing the car analogy"

So coalition is building for $56B a freeway that it's only required to do 25Km/hr to 100km/hr Some will be able to go faster but not some or most without have to pay costly upgrades ( one quote for 300m FOD was upto 10k almost 3 times the FTTP cost). According to the SR for $64B for s freeway that supports 100km/hr if people require to drive at that speed no need to pay for costly upgrades as everyone has a choice if they want to drive at that speed or not.

Skymesh is offering a 100/100 on FTTP which is really a 250/100 connection. Can HFC or FTTN do 25/25.

"I'm suggesting that AVC prices should be cut to a single speed tier and CVC prices should fall slightly slower than predicted in the NBNCo Corporate Plan."

So what you say s to adopt the current ADSL priceing where people getting 1Mbps paying the same as people getting 15Mbps.

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