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I'm going to be upfront, initially your view just annoyed me, as usually it appears to be coupled with an argument against fibre to the premise as a solution

on pondering though, I thought well if you're argument is simply against the speed tiers, then I can understand that. problem is I think its better to have than not have, connection charges being factored in the same - lets assume that the price of CVC wouldn't change in a single tier mode and to offer a gigabit connection the AVC was at the 100mbit price if not more, and it'd be the only AVC available.

I like tiered plans, as when it works you get what you pay for. and I don't see any reason to deny users choice.

What you seem to imply though is a FTTP user at 12mbit is stifling innovation. What I see is there is nothing on offer for the user to upgrade. The early adopters are already on 100/40 and it isn't like that group are a single digit percentage. If you have an innovative product they'll be the first to use it and talk about it anyway. (I can't verify your figures as I can't find them, and as I can't find any I won't quote any. Feel free to source me though.)

Why I like tiers is it helps plan for congestion and lets those who only need a basic connection have it. Sure I'd of got rid of the 12mbit plan as its not IEEE defined broadband but otherwise I'd fine with it.

Letting ISP's have a full speed AVC and them manage like you propose hasn't worked well for ADSL and I don't see it working well for faster links. People believe these companies when they say they offer unlimited whatever, and don't understand contention or QoS. Making it one big pipe and asking ISP's to manage it when they instead can just state the peaks as the connection seems like it'd drivethe cost up for a poorer experience. Especially as the current FTTP GPON won't do a full 32 active 100 mbit connections without contention at the delivery level. (but hey at least it can be upgraded...)

I don't see why you obsess over the current connection speed at all really. I don't know a single ISP who won't let a customer go to a higher plan mid contract. if they have FTTP they know they can do it too. Maybe if if instead of saying massive percentage of FTTP customers are connecting at slow speed x, we say all FTTP customers are gigabit capable. Does that whet your thirst for speeds?

If you're saying it should be single speed for uniform pricing you're really saying the price should go up for those who don't need the same speeds, or do I misunderstand your thoughts on removing tiering?

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