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Why should you care about Google's AI winning a board game?


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(...) the AI is not just 'searching a database for solutions', it is taking it's knowledge, gleaned from what it has already infered from that database, and applying it to a novel situation, one that isn't in its database (...)

The problem here is that it was programmed to take its knowledge, programmed to glean, programmed to apply.

It was not programmed with rules of Go and told to start from scratch and build its neural network. It did not infer that it needs to take its knowledge, it did not infer it needs to glean, and it did not infer to apply.

It's still a program. A very advanced program, but a program nonetheless. It's not AI in the sense that it was not programmed to do X, but decided to reprogram itself to do Y in order to be more effective at X.

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