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Cost and what they can screw out of you

Back in the day when Big Red was much Smaller Red, I was lucky(!!)) enough to be part of a team that put one of the first Oracle Manufacturing systems in the UK. (for the interested [if any,] Forms 2.3, Applications 6.3.8, Oracle DB V6). In those days it was all character based and we had a "Quickpick" that displayed in the wrong order, oldest to newest, we needed it the other way round. They (big red) kindly provided a resource at the cost of a day's work, to fix it for us, And their rates were as exorbitant then as they are now. Less than a month later, we worked out how to do this ourselves, takes approx 10 minutes to do it Properly, 2 minutes in a rush.

The moral?? NEVER listen to the big boys when they say it will cost X millions of $ or £, actual cost probably < 1% of quote ( after all our offices have to impress!!).

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