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>I'll hail our AI Overlords when one of them ... ignores the rules to produce a good result by following a procedure it was trained to 'think' wouldn't work.

That's exactly what this one did though - see the comment by Lee Sedol, quoted in the article, that 'the AI was making moves "that could not have been possible for a human being to choose."'

I get that it's cool to be skeptical, but this is an astonishing breakthrough, and 90% of the people in this thread decrying it evidently don't understand the game, or don't understand the current stage of AI development.

Saying "yes but can it decide it doesn't want to do the laundry on Tuesdays any more" is meaningless drivel when a machine is designed for a single task. Were the first flights by the Wright brothers pointless because they didn't go into space? Were the first computers useless because they couldn't show a graphical interface? Likewise, are the early stages of real AI unimpressive because they can only drive a car / have a conversation / play a complex game of strategy, and can't decide they'd like to learn sword fighting?

Nobody is saying "AI is solved," so stop arguing against that. But the fact that a significant wall has fallen, and perhaps 10 years earlier than expected, is genuinely ground breaking.

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